Agence IFA

« Honesty, discretion and confidentiality »

An agency which is as humane as it is competent

« It is smart, when managing a company, to be humane. »

Max Planck, laureate of the Nobel Prize in physics, could have been talking about Aïcha Arrighi when he made this statement. The director of the agency and experienced real estate broker has built an extended network, founded on human exchange and trust. At once a mother, a passionate traveller and a cultural scene lover, Aïcha uses her personal values to serve her management techniques.

Twenty-five years of trustworthy relationships

The history of the agency, located a walk away from the French-Swiss border, in Gaillard, started in 1989 when the Société Privée de Gérance (SPG) created it, with Aïcha Arrighi as its head manager.
The manager took charge of the agency in 2014 and continues to use her professional competences and her passion for the job to help buyers who wish to move into the region.

Leading agency on the boarder’s real estate market

After years of experience and thanks to hard and constant teamwork, Agence IFA has been able to expand by itself and gain recognition. The various Schengen-related exchanges between Switzerland and France have favored the development of the market and created a dynamic.
Agence IFA distinguishes itself through its professionalism, characterized by a strong reactivity and availability. The service provided goes far beyond the sales dimension, as many loyal clients of the agency can confirm. IFA stays close to people and maintains its values, while providing a tailored service, adapted to the needs of each and every person.

Complete transparency

Recognized by all in the region, IFA stays true to its ethics. Whether during the various steps of the sales process or the purchase of property, the company remains transparent and provides advice whenever needed.